How to Make Money From Home with Beauty

This article is a quick read – only 5 minutes – and will give you some ideas on how you can get started making money from home with beauty.

It’s not a comprehensive guide, just some ideas to get you thinking. If you want more in depth info, just complete the form at the bottom and indicate which subjects you are interested in. And don’t forget to ask us any questions if you have them!

1. Decide what are you going to do?

First, you need to decide what you are going to do. We want to make sure you make the right choice, so here 2 things to consider:

What do you like doing?

If you choose something you like doing or are interested in, then you are much more likely to be successful at it in the long run. There are many different aspects to the beauty industry, and even in our courses, there are many different services you can choose to learn.

How quickly do you need income?

OK, this may conflict a bit with the point about doing what you like, but if you are in a position where you need income quickly, then you should choose something that you can learn and get up and running with quickly – like Waxing or Manicure / Pedicure that you can learn in a few weeks.

Then learn the other more complicated services like Nails or Eyelash Extensions later.

2. Get The Skills

There are a number of ways you can get skills in beauty – but make sure you have the help and guidance you need to ensure you perfect your skills to a level you are going to be able to charge money for.

There are many reputable and credible training providers offering different courses out there. Some schools require a longer commitment, sometimes up to 3 years, and cover a lot of different aspects of the industry aside from the actual skills side of things.

There are also good short courses that get you skills quickly and have instructors on hand to give you the guidance you need.

Of course you can also learn online with courses like ours. But again, make sure whatever course you choose has help and guidance available to get you up to speed quickly.

Our courses are skills courses and we have instructors on had to assist you every step of the way. If you complete the course, you will have a skill you can make money from.

3. Set Up A Room!

You have a number of options here when going into business in beauty, from renting a shop or a space in a shop to being mobile and others. Here we are focusing on working from home.

If you’re setting your business up at home, it’s best to have a dedicated room or space that you can set up permanently for your business.

You don’t want to be unpacking and packing up things all of the time when you have clients.

You want to set up your space with the products and equipment you need for your services and be ready to take a client at a moments notice.

4. Get Products And More Products?

Yes it’s obvious. You’re going to need to get all of the products required to do your services – and we cover everything you need in each subject.

But… don’t just scrape by with the bare minimum. Make sure you stock up a bit. You don’t have to go crazy, but make sure you are sufficiently stocked up so that you are not going to run out mid service or half way through a day of servicing clients.

It costs you less in the long run to buy more and you won’t have any interruptions!

5. Get Clients

This part can get tricky – but luckily we have some new course modules coming that will cover this and more in the very near future.

But here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Family and Friends!

Think about it. How many of your family and friends spend money on beauty treatments? These are your perfect customers. And they’d probably prefer to spend the money with you instead of someone else…

Don’t start trying to offer them everything, just start with one service and go from there!.


Once you get going with your family and friends, ask them for referrals. Once you have provided a good service to someone you know, just ask: “Who do you know who would also like my services?”. It also helps to reward them for the referral with something like a discount on the next treatment.

Set Up A Facebook Page

A Facebook business page can be a great way to get your name out there and get customers into your new business. They can be set up for free and have a bunch of tools you can use in your business. We have more great info coming on this soon…

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